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News Flash: We're Not Winning The War?

I meant to post this entry before I left and shortly after the elections. Let me know what you think.

The Democratic National Party (led by Overlord Hillary) seems to be wondering why we are not winning the war in Iraq. I can only speculate that “we” means US soldiers because they would never admit that they are part of any “we” that loses. With that in mind, I would like to know what they define as "winning the war" and demonstrate exactly how to do it. We are in the initial phases of SASO (Stability and Security Operations). This is what is still currently being done in Bosnia and in Kosovo. It takes time and patience. If the democrats are so hot on their success in war, why can't they explain (according to their own interpretation of winning) why we aren't winning the war in the Balkans?

According to former President Clinton, Bosnia wasn't supposed to last longer than a year yet here we are entering almost nine years later. Kosovo was supposed to last six months with NO GROUND TROOPS COMMITED. They are entering their fifth year with US troops on the ground. Somalia was another "victory". Some of you may say that those situations are all in the past, WRONG! They are just as active today as they were when it all started. They just don’t get all the advertisement.

The pattern here is that politicians seeking future office seats want instant gratuity in these situations and it doesn't work that way. Have you ever noticed that no major political player (outside Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld) ever mentions the positive things that have been accomplished here? Not really because that would make their agenda loose steam. Yes, we’ve had our asses handed to us on several skirmishes, but it has been overshadowed by all of the successes we’ve achieved here. You really need to look at the big picture and gather ALL of the information, not just what is piped through biased media. It all boils down to politicians trying to get reelected in order to stay employed. These guys wouldn’t last ten minutes here because of their “I quit because it’s hard” attitude.

As soldiers on the ground getting shot at on an everyday basis, I can tell you that no one wants to go home more than we do. The environment is brutal, the insurgents are merciless, and I don't want to see any more of my soldiers injured or killed. Bottom line, it sucks. But, unlike politicians, we stay the course because we see what happens here and what potential the country has in the future. You don’t just quit something like this because it bogs down and bad things happen. If you truly believe in doing what is right, you stick it out and provide something to these people that they’ve never had before, a future. If we follow the current mindset of these politicians, does that mean that we can quit helping the Hurricane Katrina victims because it gets hot in the south? Do we stop training to defend the country because it isn’t popular with the movie stars that funnel money into the Democratic Machine? Do we give up on identifying the remains of the victims in the World Trade Center because we aren’t “winning the war against DNA identification”?

America was founded by people who wouldn’t quit. Have we have fallen away from those times and qualities? We are at a pivotal point in US and Middle East relations. The Middle East is comprised of more than just Iraq. The other surrounding countries around us will judge us and decide if they will deal with us in the future based on how we behave today in the Middle East."


Blogger Mackenzie1975 said...

I just lost a friend that was in the Navy and it made me think of you. Continued health and safety to you. Godspeed...
Happy New Year!!

8:41 PM  
Blogger just-judee said...

Thank's for your post and sharing your trip, and your feelings. You let all of us know the truth, I wish the world could read it. My husband Steve the Viet Nam Vet says "There are more people than you know who understand just what you are feeling, other soldiers who felt the same way during different wars. You are fortunate to have computers to share what's going on. Thanks for all your efforts and our prayers are with you. Keep the posts coming, they are really appreciated. People need to know the truth of what is really happening over there." Steve and Judee Dufresne

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding. I understand that you have a unique, one sided look at the "big pitcure" as you say but this isn't about "staying the course" because it's hard. This is about how "we" being the people who where told, including Colin Powell and all the Military leaders, that Iraq and Saddam Hussien had cashes of biological weapons and WMD after the 1st Gulf War. It's about the power hungry struggle between Rumsfield and the State Dept. on why things weren't set up right for a post war Iraq. It's about Bush's desire to have his presidencey turn into a legacy. It's about power. It's why Bush is too ignorant to ask his advisors more in depth questions instead of just taking everything at face value. At least Clinton dug deeper into what the people around him were saying. He admitted to mistakes and tried to fix them. Educate yourself on the interworkings of how you came to be there. Read Bob Woodward's book "State of Denial", read Richard Clark's book "Against All Emenies". The Democrats aren't bitching and wanting to "cut and run" because it's hard. They want to bring you home because you shouldn't be there in the first place. Maybe you see the families and faces of children who are glad you are there, but do you really know what they say about you when they are sitting around the fire which used to be there living room? They want you to leave. I think the people there don't want anything that Americans think they want and we are out of touch and arrogant to thing everybody wants what we want. Stay safe, Mike

12:38 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Commando - so sorry you spent money on Woodward's book - hope you got it cheap. I'll go back and spend time with the comment. So glad you are safe. So glad you found me. So very glad the people here welcomed you so.

I think the Iraqis have to say what keeps them alive among themselves around a camp fire, at the local tea house, or whatever. They live in a dual reality in that they live with each other and they live with US troops so to speak. My money says they have to say whatever the party line in around any given camp fire to stay alive. Not much freedom of speech going on over there it seems.

A happy 007 year to you and yours. Jump over to the 910 Group Blog info at my blog sometime and let me know if you think we are getting it partially or totally right. Thank you.

3:40 AM  
Blogger Martha said...

Hety Anonymous, up there^^^the kidding need to read Michael Yon and Jeff Emanual. Just becaue Bob Woodward had something dropped in his lap back in the 70's doesn't mean he hits it right every time. Commando is NOT the only one over there on the ground that is writing about this and feels very stongly the same way! By the way, if your neighbor was beating the crap out of his wife and kids on his front lawn what would you do??

...Yeah I know this is old stuff...nevermind...I just couldn't help it...

5:32 AM  

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