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Defending the Ponderosa Part Two

Since the first posting on home defense, I’ve had several readers ask me about how to do it if they are not allowed to own firearms. Yes, some countries are not as privileged as we are so they will make due with other alternatives. I’ve compiled information from other professional soldiers, several military resources, different police departments, our own FBI Academy and years of personal experience. Here are some, of many; possibilities open to you in order of my personal preference. Remember, research and get as much real-life training as possible prior to choosing which tool to use. Yes, training can be expensive, but your life is worth it.

Option one is the expandable ASP Tactical Baton. The ASP Tactical Baton (web page is the most tactically sophisticated impact weapon currently available to law enforcement personnel. Popular in Australia and England due to their country’s specific laws governing weapon ownership, the ASP is usually the first choice for personal and home defense by most home owners. The ASP company (*see link) offers an excellent product supported by an unmatched training course. Although there are cheaper batons that are produced in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and India, be warned that none of these meet the specifications established by major Federal Law Enforcement and military organizations in the United States. Easily carried and readily available, they have an incredible psychological deterrence and unparalleled control potential. I have carried a 26” ASP through two combat tours and I can’t tell you how great it is. The psychological impact, it has on a would-be assailant when you expand the baton is usually the first and only deterrent one usually needs. The beauty of it is, if your assailant doesn’t believe you’re going to use it, your first strike on them changes their mind quickly.

Once again, I cannot stress enough the importance of talking to the local magistrate, police chief or department of law enforcement prior to purchasing any weapon for personal use. I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you receive formal training through the local police department, police academy or the ASP company training institute itself. Why, because it is considered by law, a blunt instrument which is, usually, a more stern offense in the eyes of the court.

For those of you who have never gotten the crap beat out of them in training or for real, it doesn’t feel good. The ASP is a tool to use in order to prevent the previously mentioned beating. It can be used to “persuade” some one to come along to the police car or to leave you alone. Personal favorite first strike points for me include bony land marks such as the collar bone (3-5 lbs.), shins, (5-7 lbs.) and the wrists (3-4 lbs.). The weights indicate the average pounds of impact pressure a strike would have to have in order to BREAK the bone. None of these strikes are lethal, but they get the job done of stopping your assailant.

Option number two is the D-Cell Mag-Lite (web page Flashlight that holds 6 batteries. It can be used in the same manner as the ASP but has the bonus of being able to blind your assailant first with the light before you actually strike him. I would use this as a first choice if I didn’t have the ASP because of the weight behind the strike. One flash of the light followed by one smack of the light is all it takes to get your point across.

Now on to the most controversial of close combat weapons, the knife. W. Hock Hochheim and Scientific Fighting Congress International has, by far, the most realistic and practical solution to knife fighting for the novice. Their web site is at Look under knife combatives to see the meat and potatoes on this course. The web site features actual case photographs of what happen in a knife fight. These are brutal, but truthful photographs.

I choose the knife as a last resort to defend myself. I have had to defend myself only twice in my life with a knife and both times, I got cut and the other guy pulled back a nub where his hand used to be. I’m not a knife master or a novice but I do have some skill and experience at combat oriented knife fighting. There are no martial arts involved in this. It is brutal, horrific, and usually lethal. Knife fighting has a deep psychological impact on the assailant AND the defender. Shooting someone or even using an ASP still allows you the psychological advantage of a standoff distance so that it doesn’t mess with your head later on. A knife doesn’t give any such luxury to either party. You have to be close to strike and kill you assailant. The other thing you need to realize is you’re going to get cut. No matter how good you are, you’re still going to get cut. Once you’ve gone through the research, training, and local law enforcement, there comes the question of what knife to buy.

I personally swear by the kukri knife, web site The awesome cutting edge of the kukris was first experienced by the British in India who had to face kukri in the well-documented battles since 1814 while combating the Gorkhali Army in western Nepal. The impact of these warriors was such that the British did something out of the ordinary; they had a peace treaty signed, and the British, seeing how bravely the Gorkhalis fought, also made a provision in the treaty to recruit Nepalese in the British Army as British "Gurkha" soldiers.

Kukri is a medium-length curved knife each Gurkha soldier carries with him in uniform and in battle. In his grip, kukri is a formidable razor-sharp weapon and a cutting tool. In fact, kukri is an extension of his arm. The knife is designed so that the torque, the "rotational force" or "angular force" which causes a change in rotational motion, is towards the front of the knife during the strike. In English, that means that when you strike something, or someone, with this knife design, it’s going to chop parts off.


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Excellent article :)

I was just doing some research into asps for a story I'm writing. After reading this I am going to see if there is a slightly smaller but still effective maglite than the one mentioned here and if so I will change the weapon of choice(in the story)to a maglite!

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