Thursday, November 09, 2006

Letters from Home

I signed up for a soldier support program that offers to pass along your “snail mail” address to a centralized database for people back home to write or send packages to “Any Soldier” through your address. The things I asked for include greeting cards because our selection here is VERY limited, DVDs, and letters for me to distribute. The response has been overwhelming.

The best part of the program, by far, has been the letters we get from kids. They have such a wonderful way of looking at the world and asking questions about it. Here are some of the questions (and comments) by category that we’ve had the pleasure of answering.

Are camels really stinky?
Why do camels have a tumor on their back?
Why do camels live in the desert?
My mom says that our dog is a big as a camel. How big are camels?
Do camels chew tobacco? My dad says they spit.
Do camels eat sand?
I think camels are pretty
Mom and dad won’t let me have a camel for Christmas.
Do people really eat camels? Mom says they taste like chicken nuggets.

Is it really hot there?
Why don’t you turn on the air conditioner?
Why do you wear all that stuff (uniform & accessories) if it’s so hot there?
If it’s like the beach, why don’t soldiers wear bathing suits?
Why doesn’t it rain there?
Why do people live there if it doesn’t rain?
Mom says it doesn’t rain there so I drew you some flowers for you to plant.

Life in General
Is it true that there are girl soldiers there?
My dad says that soldiers get to drive crazy like my mom.
My mom says that soldiers don’t get to take a shower very much. Gross
Why do soldiers wear pajamas? *I think she’s referring to the digital uniform
Do you really have to live in holes that you dig?
What do you eat for dinner? Mom makes me eat gross vegetables.
Dad says that movie stars visit you there, have you met Elmo?
My grandpa was in the Army, have you met him?
I made cookies for you but mom says you don’t eat Play-Do.
Mom & dad say that you keep me safe at night, thank you.

Thank you kids for the questions and the letters. Thank you moms & dads for letting your kids reveal your secrets and ideas.


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Blogger coconut commando said...

Dear Anonymous, please feel free to make your $2000 somewhere else other than my blog! I clicked on the link you provided and our system’s filtering stated “The word, tasteless is filtered”. It doesn’t inspire me to sign up or advertise with that particular group. It is apparent that you only "surf" and not bother to actually "read" the blogs you visit to make money. Thank you and have a nice day!

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Blogger Martha said...

Ahem...psst I think its a bot. I liked your response nonetheless.

I like the one where the kid tells you his grandfather was in the Army, maybe you know him. My husband and I have a running joke because so often times while talking to folks, and even I have done this to a degree, and they mention where they are from you automatically associate with whereever that is. "Idaho huh? My old boss had family there, Thompson, maybe you knwo them." So now every time a car passes with a plate from a state where one or both of us have lived its "Hey, look, California! Maybe ya know 'em!"

Thanks for sharing that!

2:31 AM  

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