Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bad News & Good News

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written but things here have been a bit crazy. I was listening to CNN a few nights ago about how President Bush has made such a mess of Iraq and how the “poor Islamic people are suffering tenfold since the start of the war”. I can tell you that it is all a big huge pile of BS. True, there has been an escalation of sectarian violence in country but, it’s because of the sacks of *&^% that are trying to gain control of the region. And as far as the religion based actions of the people here, let’s take a first hand look at that shall we?

For the most part, your average Iraqi that is of the Islamic faith is just trying to do things like the rest of us. Raise their children, provide for their families (several generations under one roof), and get to Heaven by doing what is commanded to them by the Quran. Things like doing good deeds such as helping the poor, respecting elders, live peacefully and do what will honor Allah.

Then you have the problem children that, for the most part, aren’t even local to Iraq. They follow the instructions of some cult leader as law because of a major detail that terrorist cells take advantage of; illiteracy. This is what their true Islam is all about, beating women on a whim or bestiality is considered normal because women are only vessels for having children. I’ve seen the IR footage on the last one and seen it in person on the first one. If these “leaders” are so righteous, why don’t they strap on a bomb or pick up an AK-47 and come out to attack armed soldiers? Because one, we’ll monkey-stomp them into the ground and two, they are cowards!

I am currently in Iraq for the second time and I have to tell you that the barbaric acts of the slime here is unbelievable! We are currently in the "Holy Month of Ramadan" and you would never know it. They don't follow their own beliefs as written in their Quran. We were in a village not far from our base (somewhere in Iraq) and one of the elders told us that there was a family that had been visited by "Evil People". This is what the locals call insurgents and rightly so. It turned out that they had executed the entire family because the father had not joined them in the Jihad. The father, mother and four children were executed as an example. The children ranged in ages from 4 to 10. This is the norm around here.

Now for the good news, the four year-old daughter survived a gunshot wound to the head. She has been brought to our medical facility where she is a participant in an all volunteer program by the soldiers here. The program is affectionately referred to by the nurses as "Daddy time or Mommy time". Soldiers, whether they have children or not, spend countless hours playing, talking to, or just holding children that have been injured or have lost families to insurgents. I am not sure who it helps out more, us or the kids. The outlook for the little girl that survived is very good. The local tribal leader was outraged when he was informed by us that this happened in his land and has vowed to do something about it. Let me put it to you this way, tribal justice is far swifter and fitting than the courts here. As of this time, the village has come under the protection of "friendlies" that can be trusted. Believe it or not, there are good people here. The problem is that they won't get ratings on the news so you never hear about it.

If you have any doubts to whether President Bush made the right decision, relax! Take it from one soldier who has to put his life and the lives of his soldiers on the line everyday here, he made the right choice! I am the last person that wants to be away from his family or have his soldiers or me hurt or killed in this place and we still believe in what we do. If securing a fruit market in the middle of Nowhere, Iraq will insure freedom for the people here, I will gladly do so.


Blogger The Patriette said...

Thanks for that post. With all the crazy election-year BS being thrown about around here (and my husband over there), it's reassuring to hear from someone over there who has their boots on the ground. And thanks for keeping up the good work.

5:58 PM  
Blogger John Frazer said...

Excellent blog, keep up the good work over there!

2:25 PM  
Blogger norris said...

people in the media have bills to pay. millon dollar mortgages, new car every three years, vacations, etc. so even if they wanted to tell the truth or "a truth", it would be financial suicide, because good old rupert murdoch would snatch the rug from under whomever quicker than sh%t. therefore, constant fear mongering, brainwashing, and everything associated with keeping people trapped in the matrix is the order of the day, forever.

7:40 PM  

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